This Blog is for all those shutterbugs that find Sweet Arrow Lake County Park in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania, a great place to create beautiful images. Submit any photo you would like published to revanchalk@gmail.com

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Great shots from Paula

Thought you might want to put the pics of Rons carp that he caught at the lake.   The carp weighed 7 1/2 pounds and of course they didn't measure it but he said it was around 36 inches.
 Paula also has been doing some macro work with things she has found at Sweet Arrow Lake and I believe you will find the photos very enjoyable.

Paula also included a picture of a pretty purple flower.  It is Purple Loosestrife.
If you see any, please pull it out by the roots.
Purple loosestrife is a wetland plant from Europe and Asia. It was introduced into the east coast of North America in the 1800s. First spreading along roads, canals, and drainage ditches, then later distributed as an ornamental, this exotic plant is in 40 states and all Canadian border provinces.
Purple loosestrife invades marshes and lakeshores, replacing cattails and other wetland plants. The plant can form dense, impenetrable stands which are unsuitable as cover, food, or nesting sites for a wide range of native wetland animals including ducks, geese, rails, bitterns, muskrats, frogs, toads, and turtles. Many rare and endangered wetland plants and animals are also at risk.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Great Blue Heron by Joseph Bove

Got this shot of A Great Blue Heron this morning while hiking around the lake.